Tencent: Tencent will be the latest Chinese tech company to launch ChatGPT-like AI chatbot

Tencent has announced that it will launch an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot on its home turf this week. With the launch, the company will be among other big tech companies in China, including Baidu and SenseTime Group. These companies released their AI chatbots last week.
The company has released a post that shows a demo conversation a user has with the AI chatbot. The chatbot is able to write promotional materials. The development comes after China started to approve AI chatbots for public release last month.
According to a report by news agency Reuters, Tencent has been developing its own AI model named “Hunyuan” for months. Last month, the company said it was expanding the test of the model internally.
In a report in February, the publication claimed that Tencent formed a team to develop a ChatGPT-like chatbot named “HunyuanAide”.
Over 70 LLMs in China
Recently, Baidu CEO Robin Li said that various companies have released more than 70 large language models (LLMs) with over 1 billion parameters in China. Baidu also has its own AI chatbot called Ernie.
Li said the latest version of Baidu’s AI chatbot, Ernie 3.5, has a processing speed twice that of the previous version and it offers 50% improved efficiency. He also noted that the company will launch a new version in the near future.
Other companies that have launched AI chatbots include TikTok owner ByteDance as well as AI start-ups, Baichuan Intelligent Technology, Zhipu AI and MiniMax.
Unlike other countries, China is making it mandatory for companies to submit security assessments and receive clearance before releasing AI products to the masses. The government accelerated efforts to support companies developing AI as the technology to compete with the US.

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