Tamil Nadu CM urges shifting education to state list of Constitution

CHENNAI: In his Independence Day address on Tuesday, Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin advocated for moving education from the concurrent list to the state list in the Constitution. This move, he said, would allow subjects directly impacting the populace to be better governed by local authorities.

Stalin’s call for repositioning education to the state list stems from the idea that shifting it to the state jurisdiction would enable the scrapping of exams like the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET).
This proposal aligns with his vision of fair and uniform development for all, hinging on the principles of the Dravidian governance model.

During his address, Stalin paid tribute to the state’s heroes, notably poet Subramania Bharathy, whose literary works galvanized the masses during the freedom movement.
Additionally, he recalled the unwavering support of former Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers from DMK, CN Annadurai and Kalaignar Karunanidhi, towards the central government during critical times, including the 1971 conflict with Pakistan.

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