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Stephen Kramer Glickman & Jack Herrguth Prep ‘Never Surrender’ Podcast – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Kramer Glickman, one of the stars of Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, and Jack Herrguth, who developed Comedy Central’s Nathan For You, have teamed up for a podcast series about failure.

The pair are working on Never Surrender with production company Western Sound, the firm behind Lost Hills, and Acast. It launches April 8.

It will feature vulnerable interviews with well-known figures about their biggest failures and setbacks. The guests, including Tig Notaro, Randall Park, JoJo and Paul Feig, discuss how the lows changed them and ultimately propelled them forward, leading to their successes

For instance, Notaro talks about failing early in her comedy career and getting fired in between sets at a comedy club in Colorado, while Park discusses having to work at a coffee shop to make ends meet despite being a recognizable actor on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out.

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“As two guys who have had their fair share of failures and serious setbacks, we hope our listeners can find humor in the dark times, but also find strength and hope in the great lesson we have learned from all of our successful guests, and that is no matter what life throws at you – never give up and never surrender,” Glickman and Herrguth said.

“Who hasn’t failed?” added Ben Adair, founder of Western Sound. “The answer is, no one. Even the people you think have it made, they’ve all struggled. The difference is, when you fight back against despair, depression and hopelessness, you win. These stories will inspire all our listeners to bounce back from their own personal lows and go out there and keep trying. Never surrender!”

“It’s easy to forget that some of the people we look up to most in life have taken missteps and faced great difficulty, and it was so important to Acast to help share these sorts of stories with people who need to hear them,” said Trace Gaynor, associate content partnerships manager at Acast. “What makes Never Surrender so special is that it finds a way to broach these emotional conversations and heavy stories in a lighthearted and relatable way. We’re so pleased that Jack, Stephen and the Western Sound team chose to host the show with Acast to give audiences everywhere access to these conversations.”

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