Steam: Blizzard’s Diablo IV to arrive on Steam on October 17

Blizzard’s latest entry to the popular dungeon-crawling action RPG franchise, Diablo IV, was launched in June for consoles and PCs. However, the PC version of the title was locked to the developer’s proprietary service. Diablo IV is now set to arrive on Valve’s gaming library Steam. The game’s arrival on Steamwas first reported by a user named Wario64 on the social media platform X.Later, Steam also updated its news blog to confirm the same.
Diablo IV: Availability
In the blog post, Steam says: “Diablo IV will be available to play on Steam starting October 17”. The Diablo IV Steam page is live now, and users can add the game to their wishlist as well. Apart from Steam, the game is also available on other platforms which include, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.
How to get Diablo IV on Steam
Players who have accessed the game on any existing platform won’t need not make any changes while playing it via Steam. Players who are willing to play the title on Steam will need to first purchase the game on the platform. Then, players will be able to connect Diablo IV to a account (which is required for all platforms).

This will enable cross-platform play and more features. Players using Steam will have access to features specific to that platform, including Steam achievements, their Steam friends list, and the option to invite their friends to play in-game.

Blizzard’s Overwatch also available on Steam
In an effort to capture more PC gamers, Blizzard made its Overwatch 2 available on Steam earlier this year. The game developer also noted that it is planning to bring more of its games to Steam. However, the company hasn’t shared the names of the titles it’s planning to offer on the platform or when these games will be available.
Overwatch 2 was the first Blizzard game to launch on Steam. Currently, the game has over 190,000 negative reviews on the platform. These reviews were likely shared over player dissatisfaction with the implementation of a battle pass and canceled content.

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