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On the 14th of October, 2023, a Surya Grahan is scheduled during Ashwina Amavasya under the Virgo zodiac. This event offers a unique opportunity for skywatchers to witness this celestial phenomenon. Although the solar eclipse won’t be visible in India, it will be observable in several cities across America. The eclipse is set to begin at 11:29 pm IST and will last for approximately five minutes, concluding at 11:34 pm IST.

According to Celebrity Astrologer Parduman Suri, Vastu Consultant, and Motivational Speaker, “the eclipse is expected to have a positive influence on many zodiac signs. However, individuals falling under the Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn zodiac signs are advised to take special precautions.”

Eclipses hold great significance from both scientific and astrological standpoints. This creates a ring of sunlight encircling the moon’s edge, covering most of the sun’s disc.

Solar Eclipse October 2023: Impact On Each Zodiac As Per Astrology

Aries: Preparing for potential anger and frustration is recommended, along with managing words to avoid conflicts. Contributing items like jaggery, wheat, lentils, and red clothing during and after the eclipse is a suggested remedy.

Taurus: Maintain a composed and patient demeanor, which could lead to positive outcomes and potentially increased income. Donating white items like curd, milk, sugar, white clothing, camphor, and kheer during or after the eclipse is a special remedy.

Gemini: Anticipate financial prosperity during this solar eclipse, bringing contentment. It’s important to focus on well-being. Offering green fodder to cows and donating items like green moong dal, bronze utensils, green vegetables, and green clothing are suggested remedies.

Cancer: You might experience a heightened interest in religious activities but should be prepared for fluctuating self-confidence. Donating white items like pearls, white clothing, sugar, rice, milk, or milk-based sweets can help counteract this.

Leo: Most likely to encounter favorable prospects for improved luck and the possibility of a family trip. Donating items such as jaggery, wheat, copper utensils, and red or orange clothing after the eclipse can help dispel life’s troubles.

Virgo: A happy marital life and a promising career path are foreseen. Remedies include donating green moong dal, bronze utensils, feeding green fodder to cows, offering green vegetables, and contributing all types of green clothing and fruits.

Libra: Can expect career growth accompanied by increased happiness and prosperity in society, leading to enhanced respect and honor. Donating white items like kheer, curd, sugar, milk, white clothing, and camphor is recommended for optimal results.

Scorpio: Might experience a boost in self-confidence after the eclipse, with family support leading to the realization of hard-earned rewards. Donating items like wheat, lentils, jaggery, red clothing, and fruits can enhance this effect.

Sagittarius: May find their speech taking on a sweeter tone, although workplace challenges could arise. Donating yellow-colored items such as yellow fruits, gram dal, yellow clothing, gram flour, saffron, turmeric, and jaggery is advised as a remedy.

Capricorn: Can anticipate forthcoming happiness in life and opportunities for real estate or vehicle acquisitions during this solar eclipse. Donating items associated with Saturn, such as a black umbrella, comb, black or blue iron, mustard oil, sesame seeds, and iron utensils, is recommended.

Aquarius: Might experience contentment of mind and a flourishing interest in art or music, emphasizing the need to prioritize health. To mitigate inauspicious planetary effects, providing iron utensils, clothing, and sustenance to the less fortunate is advised.

Pisces: Can anticipate moments of mental confusion, although their spirits will be uplifted with the support of family members. Opportunities for financial gain are also expected. Offering bread to dogs and donating yellow fruits, yellow clothing, gram dal, saffron, gram flour, turmeric, and jaggery is recommended as a remedy.

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