‘SNL’s Weekend Update Jokes New House Speaker Mike Johnson “Looks Like Every MSNBC Host Combined” – Deadline

Colin Jost and Michael Che were back at it again on Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update” to joke about politics and pop culture.

The top tidbit of the night was the election of the new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson since Kevin McCarthy was ousted by his party.

“After weeks of struggling to elect a new Speaker of the House, Republicans gave up and just generated one with A.I.,” Jost said. “There’s no way Mike Johnson is a real person. He’s supposed to be a conservative Republican yet he looks like every MSNBC host combined.”

Jost continued, “I feel like the way Mike Johnson got elected is that after weeks of voting, Republicans got bored and all wrote in the same fake name and then they were like, ‘Wait, that’s a real guy?’”

Che then noted that Johnson has “been called homophobic for supporting anti-LGBTQ legislation and saying homosexuality is bizarre and deviant.” The SNL star then quipped, “Which are two fantastic gay clubs on the west side by the way.”

Later on in the segment, Che brought up the subject of Dwayne Johnson’s wax figure being “too white.”

“The museum has attempted to darken the statue but unfortunately, it melted in the tanning bed,” Che joked.

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