Home Sports “She Is The Captain There”: Rohit Sharma On Why He ‘Can’t Disobey’ Wife Ritika Sajdeh

“She Is The Captain There”: Rohit Sharma On Why He ‘Can’t Disobey’ Wife Ritika Sajdeh

“She Is The Captain There”: Rohit Sharma On Why He ‘Can’t Disobey’ Wife Ritika Sajdeh


Indian cricket team skipper Rohit Sharma appeared in “The Great Indian Kapil Show” on Netflix and the star batter revealed several hilarious stories on his on-field interactions with teammates and other cricketers. During the episode, host Kapil Sharma asked Rohit if any cricketer has ever asked him to not hit sixes as his girlfriend was in attendance. Rohit replied that he has received this kind of request from cricketers but his reason behind not listening to them involved a mention of his wife Ritika Sajdeh.

“Yes, of course, we have had conversations like this but I tell them that, ‘While it’s your girlfriend present at the stadium, I have my wife watching the match.’ She sits with her fingers crossed during the whole match. So, she is more important for me,” he responded as the audience broke into applause.

Ritika was also present in the audience and Kapil Sharma also asked her some questions.

“Is he tougher to manage as a husband or as a cricketer?” Kapil asked.

“As a husband. As a captain, he has his team to manage him. I don’t have to do anything,” she answered.

Rohit was quick to come up with another hilarious one-liner in the middle of the interaction.

“She can’t enter the field nor the dressing room but I have to enter the house. She is the captain there.”

Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma opened up on India’s ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 final loss against Australia, saying that he thought initially that the country was angry with them but instead got a lot of appreciation for their brand of cricket.

During the episode, when Kapil Sharma said that the Indian team played incredibly well throughout the World Cup, but somehow it slipped right from their fingers in the last match.

Speaking to Kapil about the title clash, Rohit said that the team had great momentum after a winning streak of 10 matches, almost as if they were on “autopilot” mode.

“Two days before the match, our team was in Ahmedabad and we did our practice. The team had maintained a good momentum. As if the team was on autopilot. When the match began, we started good. Shubman Gill got out quickly but then Virat Kohli and I had a partnership. We were confident we could achieve a good score. I feel that in big matches, if you are able to score runs and create pressure on the opposite team, it is good as any team can slip under pressure. But Australia played good cricket. We even managed to take three wickets for just around 40 runs but they had a long partnership after that,” said Rohit.

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