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Sarajevo Film Festival Unveils 2021 Competition Line-Up – Deadline

A total of 47 films will compete at this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival across its four competitive sections. The event will feature 18 world premieres and three international premieres.

The program is open for films from Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbejan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey.

Awards on offer include the Heart of Sarajevo for Feature Film (worth €16,000), for Best Director (€10,000), Best Actress (€2,500) and Best Actor (€2,500).


THE ELEGY OF LAUREL, Dušan Kasalica (Montenegro, Serbia) – World premiere

THINGS WORTH WEEPING FOR, Cristina Grosan (Hungary) – World premiere

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BEBIA, À MON SEUL DÉSIR, Juja Dobrachkous (Georgia, United Kingdom) – Regional premiere

CELTS, Milica Tomović (Serbia) – Regional premiere

GREAT FREEDOM, Sebastian Meise (Austria, Germany) – Regional premiere

LOOKING FOR VENERA, Norika Sefa (Kosovo) – Regional premiere

MOON, 66 QUESTIONS, Jacqueline Lentzou (Greece, France) – Regional premiere

MURINA, Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović (Croatia, Brazil, United States, Slovenia) – Regional premiere

THE HILL WHERE LIONESSES ROAR, Luàna Bajrami (Kosovo, France) – Regional premiere


BOSNIAN BROADWAY, Jasmina Beširević (Croatia) – World premiere

DISTURBED EARTH, Kumjana Novakova, Guillermo Carreras-Candi (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, North Macedonia) – World premiere

DIVAS, Máté Kőrösi (Hungary) – World premiere

EVERY SUNDAY, Keti Papadema (Cyprus) – World premiere

HORIZON, Tanja Deman (Croatia) – World premiere

THE SAME DREAM (Romania) – World premiere

WHEN WE WERE THEM, Danis Tanović, Damir Šagolj (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – World premiere

ŽŽŽ (JOURNAL ABOUT ŽELIMIR ŽILNIK), Janko Baljak (Serbia) – World premiere

SUNNY, Keti Machavariani (Georgia) – European premiere

FACTORY TO THE WORKERS, Srđan Kovačević (Croatia) – Regional premiere

LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES, Ahmet Necdet Çupur (Turkey, France, Germany) – Regional premiere

LOOKING FOR HORSES, Stefan Pavlović (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands, France) – Regional premiere

RECIPE FOR HATE, Filip Čolović (Serbia) – Regional premiere

RECONCILIATION, Marija Zidar (Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo) – Regional premiere

SOLDAT AHMET, Jannis Lenz (Austria) – Regional premiere

LANDSCAPES OF RESISTANCE, Marta Popivoda (Serbia, France, Germany) – B&H premiere

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