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Remembering Kasturba Gandhi On Her Death Anniversary Today

Kasturba Gandhi is being remembered on her death anniversary today

Kasturba Gandhi is being remembered on her death anniversary today. Netizens are paying homage to Kasturba Gandhi. She was the pillar of strength for husband Mahatma Gandhi. “If anything she stood above me. But for her unfailing co-operation I might have been in the abyss… She helped me to keep wide awake and true to my vows. She stood by me in all my political fights and never hesitated to take the plunge…She was a devoted Vaishnav. But she had obliterated all feeling of caste from her mind and regarded a Harijan girl with no less affection than her own children…”, Mahatma Gandhi had written about her after she died on February 22, 1944.

Kasturba Gandhi was born in 1869, in Porbandar to Gokuldas and Vrajkunwar. She had two brothers. Her father was a wellknown businessman dealing in grains, cloth and cotton. He was close to Mahatma Gandhi’s father, Karamchand who was the Dewan of Porbandar. Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba were engaged at the age of seven and they were married in 1882 when they were 13.

In the words of Sarojini Naidu, Kasturba Gandhi was “the living symbol of Indian womanhood. Never once did her feet falter or her heart quail on the steep path of perpetual sacrifice, which was her portion in the wake of the great man whom she loved and served and followed with such surpassing courage, faith and devotion. She has passed from mortality to immortality and taken her rightful place in the valiant assembly of the beloved heroines of India’s legend, history and song”. 

Kasturba Gandhi’s Death Anniversary: Netizens Pay Homage 


Kasturba Gandhi was a woman of great strength. In the mid-1917, while her husband was fighting for the rights of indigo farmers in Bihar’s Champaran, Kasturba Gandhi worked for the welfare of the women alongside her husband. In 1922 she participated in the civil disobedience or Satyagraha movement at Borsad in Gujarat and. Although Kasturba Gandhi could not participate in the Salt March in 1930, she joined in several campaigns and went to jail several times.

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