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Punjab Children’s “Cycle Rally” Backing Republic Day Tractor Rally

Children as young as 3 years rode their bicycles around Mahesari village in Punjab’s Moga district.


The anti-farm law wave in Punjab has had its impact on people of all age groups, including children who took out a cycle rally to urge more and more people to join the Republic Day tractor rally in Delhi.

Children as young as 3 years rode their tricycles and bicycles around Mahesari village in Punjab’s Moga district. They carried flags with slogans supporting farmers’ demand for repeal of three controversial laws, and made a renewed call for adults to march to Delhi on January 26.

Though some youngsters and school-going children have come to Delhi with their families to be a part of the protest, many have stayed behind. Not the ones to miss out, they held a rally to show their support on Friday.

In an interaction with NDTV, a group of children explained why they want the laws repealed, and urged more people to join the farmer’s cause.

“The children wanted to support their fathers, uncles and relatives who are in Delhi. They rode their toy tractors and cycles around the village asking people to go join the tractor rally on Republic Day,” a villager told NDTV.


Children also raised slogans, he said clarifying that these slogans were not inflammatory.

“Their slogans were in support their own future. The centre’s laws don’t just affect today’s generation, but they will affect all generations to come. These children will fight for their rights,” he added.

Protesting around Delhi’s border for the last 60 days, tens of thousands of farmers have said they will not leave till the three controversial laws are repealed.

Today’s eleventh round of talks with the centre also ended in a stalemate as farmer leaders refused to accept the centre’s latest proposal – to put the controversial laws on hold for a year-and-a-half.

With this, farmers have also reiterated that they will hold their tractor rally through Delhi despite the centre appealing against this particular protest. Farmer leaders have clarified that the rally — in which 1,000 tractors will participate — will be peaceful and won’t interrupt the day’s big parade at Rajpath.

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