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PM Narendra Modi Slams Trinamool, Mamata Banerjee: Bhaipo Service Tax

PM Modi said that Mamata Banerjee has insulted the voters in West Bengal (File)

Howrah (West Bengal):

Amid the third phase of West Bengal Assembly polls on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the Trinamool Congress of taking ”Bhaipo service tax”, and said Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is abusing him as she fears her defeat.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed the Trinamool-led state government of mis-governance and accused that the conditions of MSMEs in the state have deteriorated due to the bad policies of the government.

“The condition of the MSMEs in the state is in front of you. The only reason behind it is — the mis-governance in Bengal for decades and bad policies of didi’s government,” PM Modi said.

“Tape revealing Trinamool’s syndicate is discussed in the country. How a construction syndicate developed from New Town. The whole country listened to how “Bhaipo service tax” made things miserable in many cities of West Bengal including Howrah,” he said.

Sonar Bangla will be built by behaviour and a clean conscience, and with the right policy,” he added.

PM Modi said, “Didi is hurling abuses at me as she has become fearful of her defeat.”

PM Modi said that Didi has insulted the voters in West Bengal by accusing them of selling their votes and urged the voters to punish her for insulting them.

The Prime Minister while addressing a public rally in poll-bound West Bengal’s Howrah said, “The situation is such that Didi’s party is not getting polling agents at polling booths. A few days back, didi was accusing the Election Commission and security forces of stopping her polling agents. Now she has accepted that her polling agents are revolting against her.”

He further said, “Didi is threatening people of West Bengal. Didi says ‘‘Amra dekhe nebo” (We will see) but BJP says ”Amra seva korbo” (We will serve). We are humbly asking for a chance to serve people.”

“Didi has accused you of taking money and selling your votes. Do you do this? Isn’t this your insult? You must respond to this in the elections,” he added.

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