Pink Calls SpongeBob Song ‘We’ve Got Scurvy’ A “Real Mistake” – Deadline

Pink is looking back at her musical history and having some regrets. The singer and songwriter recalled recording a song for SpongeBob Square Pants about scurvy and is calling it a “real mistake.”

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Pink got real about her favorite and least favorite songs from her repertoire.

Starting off with her favorite tunes, Pink named “So What” because it “was fun from start to finish — writing it, singing it, performing it, the video.” She also named “Get the Party Started.”

In the category of her least favorite songs, Pink named “True Love,” the song that featured a collab with Lily Allen. Pink doesn’t recall this track fondly “because it’s mean” as it’s a song about her relationship with Carey Hart.

Furthermore, Pink name-dropped the SpongBob song that she released 14 years ago.

“Oh wait, I did put out that SpongeBob thing. ‘We’ve Got Scurvy’? I wish I never did that. That was a real mistake,” she added.

Scurvy is a condition caused by the lack of vitamin C and causes anemia, gum disease and skin hemorrhages, among other things.

Pink sings, “Our gums are black, our teeth are falling out. We’ve got spots on our backs. So give it up and shout. We got scurvy we need some Vitamin C. We got scurvy, we need a lemon tree. We got scurvy, we just chillin’ on the sea.”

Take a listen to “We’ve Got Scurvy” in the video posted below.

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