Oxygen Concentrators Lying With Customs, High Court Demands Details

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New Delhi:

The Delhi High Court has asked the Centre to provide details of oxygen concentrators that are lying with the customs department pending clearance, by 3 pm today. The court is looking into the issue of the terrible oxygen crisis in Delhi where nearly 40 deaths across several hospitals have been put down to the shortage.

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Amid the savage second wave of coronavirus, 12 people died at a Delhi hospital on Saturday when oxygen ground to a halt for 80 minutes. Twenty-five people died last week.

On a rare sitting on Saturday, the High Court had ordered that the national capital must receive its full quota of medical oxygen that day “by whatever means”.

“Water has gone above the head. You have to arrange everything now. You have made the allocations. You have to fulfil it. Eight lives have been lost. We can’t shut our eyes to it,” the high court said.

The matter has reached the Supreme Court, which ordered last evening that the deficit supply of oxygen to Delhi must be rectified on or before midnight of May 3.

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