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Oppo coloros 12: Oppo accidentally confirms Color OS 12 release date

Oppo has accidentally revealed the release date of Color OS 12. According to Oppo’s AI assistant Breeno, the next-generation operating system will be released on September 13 at 3 pm China time.
The date was revealed by the assistant when a user happened to ask when Oppo Color OS 12 would launch. The user then posted a screenshot of the phone’s screen revealing the release date. The story was first reported by GSMArena.

Google took the wraps off its Android 12 version during its Google I/O event in May this year. The company, since then, has released 4 beta updates of the operating system. The OS is expected to come out of beta with a stable release in the coming weeks.
Oppo’s Color OS 12 which is based on Android 12 has been in beta for over a month now. With the likely release on ColorOS 12 on September 13, it means that the Android 12 itself would have been launched by September 12. But, that happens to be Sunday and it is very unlikely that Google may launch its latest operating system on a Sunday.
Some follow-up reports say that Oppo’s AI assistant’s answer has changed. It now responds with “to be revealed soon, please stay tuned.” Given these facts, it is likely that the date revealed by the assistant is wrong and the Color OS 12 may not launch on September 13. Whatever the case is, we will soon get answers to the questions as Android 12 is nearly ready for a stable rollout.

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