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New Zealand Minister’s TV Interview Crashed By Son Waving Carrot

Carmel Sepuloni’s Zoom interview was interrupted by her carrot-waving son.

A New Zealand cabinet minister has become the latest in a long line to experience the pitfalls of working from home since the pandemic began. Carmel Sepuloni, New Zealand’s minister for social development, was doing a live Zoom interview with Radio Samoa when she was interrupted by her son excitedly waving a carrot. It turned out that he had found the carrot among the groceries and rushed out to show it to his mother. Ms Sepuloni described it as a “deformed carrot shaped like a male body part.”

Ms Sepuloni, a Labour Party MP, was discussing COVID-19 restrictions with Tavai Meni on Radio Samoa’s Breakfast Show when this happened. In a video which has gone viral online, the TV host could be heard laughing as the minister tried to remove the carrot from the shot. 

“That moment when you’re doing a LIVE interview via Zoom and your son walks into the room shouting and holding a deformed carrot shaped like a male body part,” Carmel Sepuloni wrote while sharing the video. “Yes, we were almost wrestling over a carrot on camera, and yes, I’m laughing about it now but wasn’t at the time!”

The video has been viewed more than 1.2 lakh times on Twitter, collecting nearly 5,000 ‘likes’. 

“Children, what a delight they can be,” one amused Twitter user wrote in the comments section.

“Thank you to you and your son for a good belly laugh,” said another.

“Hilarious. Joys of working from home,” a user remarked.

This is not the only work from home blunder that has amused Twitter users of late. Anthony Farnell, chief meteorologist for Global News, was recording a segment from home when his dog wandered into the frame, giving the Internet a hilarious video in the process.

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