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National Thermal Power Corporation’s Generation Grows 23%, Says Geared Up To Meet Growing Demand

National Thermal Power Corporation has said it is fully geared to meet growing demand

National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) has said that it is fully prepared to meet the burgeoning power demand in the country and has registered generation growth of 23 per cent over the previous year.

The state-owned entity’s statement has come at a time when there has been a steep rise in power demand.

To address the demand, NTPC has said that generation capacity from its group stations has recorded a 23 per cent growth. Under its flexible utilisation of its coal policy, the company is arranging coal supply for those stations where the stocks have reached critical levels.

It is regularly coordinating with Coal India and Indian Railways for augmenting coal supply at critical stations and diverting rakes wherever required.

Also NTPC is increasing coal production from all of its captive mines and is also requesting the states to schedule offtake from the gas stations. In order to plan for making arrangement for gas for generator companies, states have been urged to schedule power at least for a week.

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