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MY COVID: “My dad recovered from COVID but passed away due to a secondary bacterial infection”

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Rushkeen was in Singapore when his dad caught the coronavirus infection from his ailing brother. Everything was going fine, until he caught a bacterial infection, which was anti biotic resistant. Rushkeen lost his dad 8 days after admitting him to the hospital. Here is his covid story and lessons learned.

The nightmare started on 20th April 2021 when my Dad received a phone call from Andheri neighbours saying his brother (unmarried) had an accident and needed to be hospitalised. Relations between my dad and his brother were strained, my dad still went to get him treated. Four hours were spent in the ambulance shuttling between hospitals.

His brother was found to be Covid +ve. Dad started getting symptoms too. We consulted a doctor, who advised getting an RTPCR test. Dad was also was found to be Covid positive.

Dad’s condition weakened and we admitted him to PGH. He was doing fine for the first few days. Then his O2 levels started dropping, he stopped eating and was admitted to the ICU. He was uncomfortable and restless. The hospital restrained his hands on and off and put him on a non-invasive ventilator.

Only WhatsApp video calls were allowed and I am grateful for that. Doctors were doing their best. Dad improved and came out of the Covid ICU on 18th, May. Mom would go to see him every day and we had high hopes. In the main ICU, my dad caught a secondary hospitalized acquired bacterial infection that was antibiotic-resistant. This was when things became extremely serious and I flew down from Singapore only to find my dad sedated and put on the invasive ventilator. He was a patient of acute kidney failure by then and was on dialysis. He never came out of his sedation. Dad passed away 8 days later due to blood clots. It was the most heartbreaking period of our life.

Lessons learnt:
1) Please get vaccinated

2) Secondary infections are very real and if contracted they can be fatal for an already weakened patient.

3) Keep your vitamin levels up

4) Overcome your fear and be guided by love, compassion, kindness and care. I should have flown immediately to be with my dad and not listened to people and left it up to the hospital! After all, you are in charge of your life and the decisions you take.

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