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Marvel’s first open-world mobile RPG lets you fight Thanos, Ultron, Red Skull and more

A new Marvel mobile game has arrived on the Android and iOS platforms and is finally available on both Google and Apple app stores in India. This time, it is Marvel Future Revolution, set in a new reality in the Marvel universe. The game is Marvel’s first open-world action role playing game on the mobile platform and is developed by South Korean game developers NetMarble Corp. and NetMarble Monster in collaboration with Marvel.
Marvel Future Revolution lets you play as some of the most famous names in the Marvel Comics superhero roster like Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Black Widow and also Ororo Munroe aka Storm of the X-Men and Star-Lord of Guardians of the Galaxy in an original story in which the Convergence, a collision between Earth’s of different dimension takes place, destroying many worlds and creating new ones.
Some of the featured regions where the story will take place are New Stark City, Omega Flight Headquarters, Hydra Empire, Xandearth, Midgardia and Sakaar.
Marvel Future Revolution: The baddies
The list of the super villains in the game consists of Thanos, M.O.D.O.K., Ultron, Red Skull. Malekith, etc. Also present will be some villains who are actually liked as characters like Magneto and Thor’s half-brother and mischief-monger Loki.
Marvel Future Revolution: Game modes
The game will also allow you to join your friends to take down a Marvel supervillain together. It features several game modes like Blitz, Special Operations, Raid, Omega War and Dimensional Duel. In Blitz, you can team up with up to three other players to take on a Marvel Super Villain while Omega War is about the clash of two teams of superheroes.

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