Mark Zukerberg: WhatsApp to get HD videos sharing support soon, confirms Mark Zukerberg

WhatsApp has finally added support for sharing HD photos on the platform. Using this feature, users can now share photos in high resolution — around 12MP — to other users. And, the good thing is that it works with multiple photos as well. But, what about videos?
Well, Mark Zukerberg has officially confirmed that HD video sharing support will also come to WhatsApp in future with the HD photos announcement on Facebook and Instagram channel.
WhatsApp to get HD videos support
Mark Zukerberg has confirmed that WhatsApp will also get the ability to share HD videos in future. That means, alongside the HD photos, users will also be able to share video in high definition.
Now, exact details regarding the HD videos aren’t available as Zukerberg hasn’t shared any details on it in the post. That said, currently we only know that it’s coming. The specifics about it is still a mystery. Neither do we have any idea of the resolution the HD videos will allow users to share videos. We expect to see the feature in beta version before the official rollout.
Meanwhile, WhatsApp has recently started testing chal lock feature for desktop apps. WhatsApp beta users can now password protect their chats on Windows PC. Apart from that, WhatsApp has also added some improvements to the Community section. The instant messaging platform has started testing forward message features.
Multi-account support is another highlighted feature that the platform is set to get. As a part of this feature, users will be able to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device. This is expected to be an extension of the Linked devices feature.

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