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Magisk creator, who is now a Google employee, has ‘bad news’ for techies

Magisk, the tool that is used by Android enthusiasts and developers to modify or gain root access in Android devices, will be seeing some major changes. For starters, well-known Android developer John Wu, who created Magisk, joined Google in May 2021 to be a part of the Android security team. Now, running Magisk while being employed with Google is a complete conflict of interest, as Wu has access to almost all Google source codes. Realising this Wu in a post on Medium, clarified while Magisk will continue to work like it does, there will be some major changes.
“Employees at most big tech companies simply aren’t allowed to create/contribute to its own open source projects without going through some kind of review process,” explained Wu.
The first change that will happen is MagiskHide will cease to exist. The MagiskHide is simply used to hide the fact that an Android has been rooted. Many Android apps stop working when the default system settings have been modified. Having said that, some “MagiskHide infrastructure” will continue to be available.
“Users will be able to assign a denylist of processes where Magisk denies further modifications and reverts all changes it had done. Magisk will not spoof/alter/manipulate any non-Magisk related signals or traces to circumvent any device state detection,” he said.
Wu also announced that he is removing Magisk-Module-Repo from the Magisk app. The administration and maintenance of the GitHub organization will be transferred to trusted community members. Developers can still easily install modules using the magisk —-install-module ZIP command in its own apps; users can install modules by selecting zip files in the Magisk app,” he added.
Meanwhile, he also shared some information about Zygisk. “Zygisk is Magisk in Zygote. This will run parts of Magisk in the zygote process to make Magisk modules even more powerful,” he added.

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