Kejriwal calls for pledge to ensure quality education for every child

NEW DELHI: In his message on Independence Day, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal urged all citizens to unite in a commitment to provide top-notch education for every child across the nation.

Taking to Twitter in Hindi, the AAP convenor expressed, “On this glorious occasion, as a nation, let us take a pledge that we will work together to guarantee that every child in the nation receives the best education possible.”

Kejriwal emphasized on his efforts in aligning with the practices of developed nations. He highlighted his determination to enhance the quality of education and uplift the standards of medical facilities.
Furthermore, the chief minister called upon the community to collaborate in securing enhanced medical provisions for all, saying, “Let us work together to make sure that each person receives the right care.”
Citing his insights from visits to several developed countries, Kejriwal underscored the pivotal role of world-class education and robust healthcare systems in their progress. He voiced his aspiration for India to follow a similar path, striving to become a developed nation.
Ending his message with a patriotic fervour, Kejriwal exclaimed, “Together, we can advance our nation and turn India into a shining beacon of development… Jai Hind.”

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