Karnataka: NEP scrapping plan sparks backlash from private schools association

Karnataka’s chief minister, Siddaramaiah, recently declared the state’s intention to discard the National Education Policy (NEP) from the upcoming academic year. This announcement has triggered criticism from the Opposition and is now facing resistance from the Karnataka State Private Schools Association. The association’s stance is that rather than outright scrapping, the government should consider making necessary amendments to the NEP.
The Private Schools Association argues that discontinuing the NEP is detrimental to students’ academic progress. They advocate for its continuation, emphasizing the need to implement changes where appropriate, as the NEP is already underway.
During a meeting with vice-chancellors and experts on August 21, CM Siddaramaiah revealed plans to establish a committee for drafting the Karnataka Education Policy, set to take effect in the next academic year.
In response to these developments, Karnataka’s Higher Education Minister, MC Sudhakar, highlighted that the state’s decision to do away with the NEP means students will receive a three-year degree certificate, without progression to the fourth year.
However, this move has not been without opposition. Prominent state BJP leaders, including former CM Basavaraj Bommai, CT Ravi, and Ashwath Narayan, have criticized the government’s decision to scrap the NEP.

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