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Influencer Harman Singh Sehgal wants to stimulate awareness to promote women’s hygiene | People News

“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day” – Sally Koch

While others are trying to set up a business and create big labels for themselves, Influencer, and philanthropist Harmanpreet Singh Sehgal is taking the initiative to forge and stimulate awareness to promote women’s hygiene.

Commenced his business a few years back he is still one of the youngest entrepreneurs to ace in the world of difference. Harmanpreet is an owner of the enterprise Insta Hygiene that works deliberately towards making high-quality sanitary products for women at a very affordable spectrum.

Menstruation and its repercussions are something that is still a taboo and underdog topic for several households around the globe. This sparked a need to change the system in young Harman and he reckoned the idea for starting this motive.

The entrepreneur wants to make sanitary napkins available to the masses at a very pocket-friendly price so that the women of our society don’t drive themselves towards unhealthy and unsafe alternatives such as cloth.

Harmanpreet plans to join hands with the nonprofit organization and schools helping and educating the budding lot with information on monthlies and guiding them with the proper education on do’s and don’t and help them to differentiate between needs and stereotypes.

Being a man, society initially didn’t support his ambition, but with time his generous act is being noticed and people are coming forward and joining him in his objective.

Sehgal plans to even help teenagers with different programs that interest them in extracurricular activities by himself funding their courses and personally keeping contact with the team. The influencer wants to create a world where women are empowered and motivated in achieving their dream. Lastly, he mentioned about his many upcoming intentions that he and his team have planned for the community.

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