Indian Navy Responds To Hijacking Attempt On Malta Ship In The Arabian Sea

Indian Navy has come to the rescue of a commercial Malta ship that was reportedly hijacked in the Arabian Sea. After receiving a mayday alert, Indian Navy immediately directed its warship on Anti Piracy patrol in the Gulf Aden to assist the ship, MV Ruen.

“The vessel, with 18 crew onboard, had sent a Mayday message on UKMTO portal, PM 14 Dec 23, indicating boarding by approx six unknown personnel. Responding swiftly to the developing situation, Indian Navy diverted its Naval Maritime Patrol aircraft undertaking surveillance in the area and its warship on Anti Piracy patrol in the Gulf Aden to locate & assist MV Ruen,” Indian Navy said in a statement.

Navy’s warship has intercepted the hijacked vessel and is closely monitoring its movement, which is now heading towards the coast of Somalia. A patrol aircraft also overflew the ship yesterday morning to assess the situation.  

The ship, MV Reun, was heading towards Somalia when it was attacked on Thursday. UK’s Marine Trade Operations said that the crew has lost control of the vessel. 

The capture of the vessel appears to be the first major attack by Somali pirates since 2019, following counter-piracy efforts by several countries stopped such seizures in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean.

The UK Marine body has advised ships to remain on alert while travelling in the Arabian Sea near Somalia as a piracy action group is active in the area.

“Vessels are advised to transit with caution and report any suspicious activity,” the warning said.

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