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India China border dispute: China arrests 3 bloggers for questioning official account of Galwan Valley clash | India News

NEW DELHI: China is reported to have arrested three bloggers for questioning the official Chinese version of the Galwan Valley clash on June 15 last year. According to reports, investigative journalist Qiu Ziming (38) was arrested on Saturday in Nanjing.

On Friday, the Chinese military had announced honours for five People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers, including four who died and a commander who was injured in the Galwan Valley clash.

Galwan clash a ‘brief moment’ in history: Chinese envoy

China wants India to “reserve differences”, Chinese ambassador Sun Weidong said on Tuesday addressing students, teachers. “China and India, as two ancient civilisations, should respect and learn from each other, treat each other as equals,” he said. The envoy called Galwan clash“a brief moment from the perspective of history” and the two sides should now “seek common ground”.

Qiu questioned the number of dead declared by the Chinese government. Indian military officials at the site of the clash had said around 45 Chinese soldiers had died, a claim reiterated by former Northern Command chief Lt Gen Y K Joshi in numerous interviews last week.

The Chinese blogger was sceptical, suggesting more had died. He also questioned why it took the Chinese state eight months to acknowledge the deaths, when the Indian side had immediately acknowledged its dead. According to reports, another journo was arrested for a similar reason in Beijing on Sunday, though details were not yet known, except that the scribe had “insulted” the PLA soldiers who died in Galwan. A third person was detained for a week in Sichuan after posting content that reportedly insulted PLA soldiers.

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