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Shraddha Kapoor: Ranbir Kapoor is a firecracker, I used to tell him, ‘tu badi makkaari karta hai’ – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

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Shraddha Kapoor admits that her lying, hustling character from Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar has rubbed off on her and that she is currently in a ln edgy phase. She also reveals that Ranbir Kapoor is a dream co-star and working with him is like working with a zen master. He’s completely at peace and he makes everything effortless. In conversation with ETimes, Shraddha also reveals what makes her one of the most followed celebrities on social media and what happens when she lies to her father Shakti Kapoor. Read on…
When was the last time you lied?
Currently, I am in a jhoothi mode. I am unable to stop it because this character has rubbed off on me a little.

When was the last time you lied to your father Shakti Kapoor?I cannot lie to my father even if I want to. Because he catches on to the fib. In some ways, he knows me better than I know myself. When I am sad and he asks me why I am sad, I can’t lie. If I say ‘I’m okay’ he instantly gets to know that I am not okay. Even if I put up my best performance in front of him, he will be able to see through it in a second.

What was it about Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar (TJMM) that you found most exciting?
After watching Pyaar Ka Punchnama and Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, I wanted to work with Luv Ranjan. He has his own way of filmmaking, which is distinct just like him. I felt that as an actor it would be very exciting for me to be a part of a film like this. He told me that it’s a character that I have never played before which is true. I have never played a character that is always on the front foot. She is driving the car and telling the guy (Ranbir) that she won’t take advantage of him by getting him drunk. I found that part of the character very interesting. I like the fact that she is in charge. I want to be front-footed like her. She will say what she thinks and not be worried about how she is going to be portrayed. I like that side of her. But I don’t like the ‘jhoothi’ side of hers.

Are you a defensive person and not someone who prefers to be on the front foot?
I’m not defensive. I am front-footed in a silent manner. I am not very vocal about it. I rarely get angry or worked up about things. I don’t know how good or bad that is. You shouldn’t curb what you want to say, but I always think about whether what I say, would hurt someone or not.

How do you look back at your journey as an actor?

It feels like TJMM is my debut film. I am so nervous right now that I actually developed a rash sometime back. This feeling has happened to me after a long time. It just doesn’t feel like I’ve already had a journey of 13 years. I feel like I’m just getting started and I want to do so many kinds of films. It’s unbelievable how time has flown by so fast. I feel there’s so much scope for doing much much work. I am excited about that prospect.

Have female characters evolved from the time you started acting? Are female actors getting the roles they deserve or do men still have the upper hand?

The change is happening but there can be a better scope for women to have impactful parts. There are many actors and makers who are doing that, but I feel we’re definitely not in a place where the opportunities are equal for all of us.

How will you describe your equation with Ranbir Kapoor?
As a person, he is in zen. But when he gets into the character, he is a firecracker. And you don’t even see it coming. After action and cut, he goes back to his zen self. I would tease him, “Tu badi makkaari karta hai. You appear as if you are not prepared when you are actually well-prepared.” I would also tease Luv saying, “You give scenes to Ranbir beforehand.” But that was just a joke. It is Ranbir’s dedication. He makes it look so effortless. I really admire him. He’s a superstar because he is a fabulous actor. He’s known for his craft and he has proved it over and over again.

What is it about Ranbir’s craft that impressed you?
I was inspired just by observing him. He is one of the best co-stars to work with because he is focused on what he does even in rehearsals. He completely surrenders to the director’s vision. While rehearsing, we always had each other’s back. He inspired me to be in the zone and be more connected with the character. I will also try to make it look easy in the future.

What is the secret to your popularity on social media?
Honestly, I share who I am. Apart from being an actor, I’m just a regular girl who loves regular things and who loves to share those things with people. I love Vada Pav. I am active on social media and I love connecting with people over everyday things. That’s my passion. It’s those little things that are actually the big things. And sharing those snippets on social media makes me very happy. I take auto rides very often. Ever since childhood, it’s been my dream to have my own pink auto rickshaw.

How would you describe the concept of TJMM?
It has tedhi and hatke writing. Who comes up with a title like Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar? The world of this film is hatke but it’s a family entertainer, too. I like how Luv Ranjan has the ability to spin something on its head. That’s why people watch his films.

But he has also faced criticism with people alleging that his films have a misogynistic thought.
People should watch this film and gauge the story for what it is. At the trailer launch, when someone asked Luv why are the women characters in films negative, I retorted, “Do you know who my father is? That’s why Luv has cast me in such character”.

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