Saturday, April 1, 2023

Young climate activists come with magazine – The Conscious Human

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BATHINDA: With an aim to encourage climate education and awareness among people, the young climate activists have launched a quarterly magazine ‘The Conscious Human’. Four youngsters Venkatesh Arora, Sarah, Archana Patel and Shrishti Bajpai have taken initiative while necessitating the need to make people especially the youngsters about climate change and prepare them to make efforts in prevailing upon authorities to speed up the corrective measures. It also aims to put forth positive steps undertaken for planet earth in different corners of the world to youngsters actively taking part in environmental conservation through activism, start-ups and volunteering.
The first edition of 20 page magazine features 18 under age of 18 who are driving a conscious change through their activism, innovation and volunteering to fight climate change.
The team members stated that they are excited to announce the launch of our first volume of ‘The Conscious Humans’ which features positive climate news from around the world.
In the founders note Sarah and Venkatesh mentioned ‘Driven by the fact that there is a widespread lack of awareness and education around the complex topic of climate change, we started The Conscious Humans in June, 2022, a blogging website with sustainable tips, informational articles and much more! We strongly believe that ‘climate action’ has a much deeper meaning than just hearing it on news and social media.
We often see articles about new policies, inspiring innovations and activists who are bringing climate change into the spotlight but we observe there isn’t any one platform where people can quickly get information about such initiatives around the globe. Hence, the birth of ‘The Conscious Humans Magazine‘-that comprises of positive climate news, stories of youngsters taking the lead to raise their voice for the planet, startups that are tackling the waste crisis and helping communities and much more’.

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