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Canadian woman ordered to repay ex-employer for logging in, not working

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A Canadian woman was ordered by a civil tribunal to compensate her ex-employer as she had deceitfully logged in and pretended to be working.

New Delhi,UPDATED: Jan 13, 2023 14:55 IST

The judge found her guilty and imposed a fine of 2,459.89 Canadian dollars. (Representative Image)

By India Today Web Desk: A civil tribunal ordered a woman in Canada to compensate her former employer for misrepresenting the working hours by remaining logged in for long hours on the system provided by the company to claim wages.

The woman named Karlee Besse had accused the company of firing her without any cause last year and sought compensation of nearly 5000 Canadian dollars – in unpaid wages and severance. However, the company had tracking software installed in her system, with the help of which it countered the woman’s claim.

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According to the company, the software was installed on her system after it was found that files assigned to her were over budgeted and behind schedule.

The company told the tribunal that Besse had logged more than 50 hours that “did not appear to have been spent on work-related tasks.”

While Besse told the tribunal she found the program “difficult” and worried it didn’t differentiate between work and personal use, the company demonstrated how TimeCamp automatically makes those distinctions, separating time logs for work from activities such as using the laptop to stream movies and television shows, reported the Guardian.

The company asserted that the software also tracks printing and that a few documents had been logged as printed.

It also claimed that any work from the printed documents requires input into the company’s software, which never happened.

The judge found her guilty and imposed a fine of 2,459.89 Canadian dollars, and ordered her to return wages and other undue payments she had received from the company.

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