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How 3 Sniffer Dogs Guarded Indian Embassy In Kabul

The three heroes, the K9, would sniff the ration and supplies coming into the embassy. (File)

New Delhi:

Maya, Bobby and Roobi have found a new home in Delhi after being airlifted from Kabul, which fell to Taliban earlier this month, throwing the country into uncertainty as thousands fled the onslaught of the Taliban’s extremist forces.

Maya, Bobby, Roobi first landed at Air Force Station in Gujarat’s Jamnagar before reaching the Indo-Tibetan Border Police’s Chhawla Camp in the national capital. The trio are the dogs of the ITBP and for three years, like the elite commandos, kept guard of the Indian Embassy in Kabul with great bravery, professional competence and fierce loyalty.

The premier border patrol organisation on Monday shared a video of their furry friends showing how they kept themselves fit in the strife-torn country. In the clip, Roobi is seen jamming it away on a tread mill.

“She is full of joy and energy. After enjoying at the Embassy of India, Kabul, dog Rooby under its handler Head Constable Krishnakant got ready for their work and here she is performing anti-sabotage check, a very serious job to save lives of Indians and Indian assets at Kabul,” an official says in the video.

Ramming explosive-laden vehicles would be a very common tactic of the terrorists, and the canine wing of the ITBP safeguarded the Indian Embassy in Kabul, said the ITBP source.

The three heroes, the K9, would sniff the ration and supplies coming into the embassy. They worked hard to ensure no explosives are sneaked into the complex as the construction work of the embassy was carried out.

During their tenure, they smoked out many IEDs and protected the lives and limbs of not only the Indian diplomats but also the local Afghan civilians working in the embassy.

HC Kishan Kumar, HC Bijender Singh and Ct Atul Kumar were the handlers of these hero K9s, while ensuring the safety of the embassy and around. The brave darlings are now extremely happy to touch Indian soil and come back to familiar sights, smells and sounds of India.

The three heroes had been trained at NTCD Bhanu, the elite dog training school at Panchkula in Haryana before they were deputed in Afghanistan.

IG Ishwar Singh Duhan has sent his congratulations to the K9 handlers and their three brave and loyal K9s for maintaining the rich ethos and traditions of the ITBP.

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