Hamas Attack: TV Actress Madhura Naik’s Sister, Brother-In-Law Brutally Murdered By Palestinian Terrorists | People News

New Delhi: Popular TV actress Madhura Naik recently revealed that her cousin sister and her husband were brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists amid the Hamas attack. 

Madhura took to her Instagram handle to share the heartbreaking insides of the attack, and it sent shockwaves across the internet. The actress shared the news about her cousin sister and brother-in-law. She stated that the two were killed right in front of the eyes of their kids in Israel.

She also stated that women, children, and the elderly were being targeted in Israel and murdered in broad daylight. 

The actress also shared a picture of her cousin Odaya and her husband, along with their kids. “Odaya, my sister and her husband were brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists in front of their children, was found dead today (Sunday),” she wrote.

Further, she added, “Deeply saddened by the tragic loss of our beloved cousin in the terror attack. Her warmth, kindness, and love will always be remembered. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and all the victims. May they rest in peace. Please stand with us and the people of Israel in this time of difficulty It’s time people see the reality of these terrorists and how inhumane they can be.”

After sharing her cousin’s story, Madhura also stated how she was shocked to see the barrage of hate that came her way after she put out the post about her sister. “I was shamed, humiliated, and targeted for being Jewish. I would like to tell everyone that

this pro-Palestinian Arab propaganda, which makes Israelites look like cold-blooded killers, is not true” she said. 

A full-scale war broke out between the militant group Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, leaving at least 200 people dead. Apart from this, more than 1000 people were injured. According to the Israeli army, Hamas terrorists fired more than 5,000 rockets from the Gaza Strip and also captured several Israeli soldiers near the border. 

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