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Google’s future Chrome update may make gaming in your browser more advanced

Internet search giant Google had recently released a new beta version of its web browser Google Chrome. The new version, Chrome Beta 94, is set to come with new web standards which are aimed at enhancing the browser-based gaming experience for users.
The WebCodecs, which will be released as part of this update, are expected to make the cloud gaming easier and faster, while the experimental WebGPU is said to make it easier for games than run in the browser to use the computer’s power.
WebCodecs is an API that will allow developers to access video encoding/decoding codecs that are coupled with the browser. This WebCodecs is meant to make it easier to get incoming video streams onto the screen, with the use of hardware decoding, as safely as possible.
As for the WebGPU, it is meant to give web developers better access to the computer’s graphics horsepower by making use of the computer’s native graphics API.
There is no set timeline of when these features might be rolled out.
Just last month, Google rolled out new features as part of the Chrome 92 update.Among other enhancements, they aim to make internet browsing safer for users.
Users can now check permissions of websites easily
Chrome 92 update allows users to check all the permissions of a particular website by tapping on the lock icon on the left side of the Chrome address bar.
Address bar is now ‘actionable’
The Chrome browser update will allow users to perform actions by typing them in the address bar. For instance, typing “safety check” will check the security of passwords, scan for malicious extensions, and more. Similarly, “manage security settings” or “manage sync” too will perform these quick actions, eliminating the need to look for them in the Settings section of the app.
Safety and privacy improvements
Chrome 92 update also expands the scope of Site Isolation, a security feature that aims to protect users from malicious websites. “Site Isolation will now cover a broader range of sites, as well as extensions, and all of this comes with tweaks that improve Chrome’s speed,” said the company in its announcement blog post.

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