Home Education CAT 2023: 10 Tips to Prepare for Logical Reasoning Questions

CAT 2023: 10 Tips to Prepare for Logical Reasoning Questions

CAT 2023: 10 Tips to Prepare for Logical Reasoning Questions


The Indian Institutes of Management is set to conduct the computer-based Common Admission Test (CAT) 2023 on Sunday, November 26, 2023. The admit cards for the examination will be released today, November 7. CAT 2023 will be held in three sessions and the exam is set to be conducted by IIMs as a prerequisite for admission to various management programmes of IIMs.
The CAT 2023 syllabus comprises questions from Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), and Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR).
Preparing for logical reasoning questions is an essential aspect of mastering CAT 2023, as these questions assess a candidate’s analytical and problem-solving abilities. Navigating through complex puzzles, seating arrangements, and logical scenarios demands strategic thinking and a sharp mind. With the right techniques and focused practice, aspirants can enhance their logical reasoning skills, boost their confidence, and improve their performance in the Common Admission Test 2023. Check out the 10 tips below to help you excel in logical reasoning questions for IIM CAT 2023;
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1. Understand the Basics
Ensure you have a solid grasp of fundamental concepts in logic and reasoning. Familiarise yourself with different types of logical reasoning questions such as puzzles, seating arrangements, and syllogisms. It will help you easily attempt these questions in the examination.
2. Practice Regularly
Dedicate specific time daily for practicing logical reasoning questions. The more you practice, the better you become at identifying patterns and solving problems efficiently. These questions require more and more practice to make you solid in this section of the exam.
3. Learn Shortcuts
Logical reasoning questions often have time-consuming solutions. Learn shortcuts and tricks to solve problems quickly and accurately. Speed and accuracy are crucial in CAT exams as they will save you time and you can pay more attention to more difficult questions.
4. Work on Time Management
Time management is key in CAT exams. You must allot a specific time to this section and practice solving logical reasoning sets within a stipulated time frame. This helps you gauge your speed and improve your efficiency.
5. Focus on Accuracy
While speed is essential, accuracy is equally important. Avoid making careless mistakes by reading the questions and options carefully. The balance between speed and accuracy is important for success. While speed ensures efficient use of limited time, accuracy serves as the linchpin that prevents the erosion of points due to hasty errors.
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6. Develop Analytical Skills
Logical reasoning tests your analytical abilities. Work on enhancing your analytical skills by solving puzzles, brain teasers, and other logical games. This sharpens your mind for complex reasoning problems.
7. Practice Variety of Questions
Don’t stick to just one type of logical reasoning question. CAT exams often present a variety of questions. Practice different types of puzzles, arrangements, and logical deductions to be well-prepared for any format.
8. Solve Previous Years’ Papers
Practice solving previous years’ CAT logical reasoning questions. This gives you an insight into the exam pattern and helps you understand the type of questions asked frequently.
9. Join Coaching Classes
If you find certain topics challenging, consider joining coaching classes or online platforms that specialise in CAT preparation. They often provide expert guidance and practice materials tailored for the exam.
10. Stay Calm and Confident
Logical reasoning questions can sometimes be tricky and perplexing. Stay calm during the exam and approach each question with confidence. If a question seems too difficult, don’t hesitate to move on to the next one and come back later if time permits.

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