Home Hollywood Beverly Hills Attack On 70-Year-Old Investigated As Antisemitic Hate Crime – Deadline

Beverly Hills Attack On 70-Year-Old Investigated As Antisemitic Hate Crime – Deadline

Beverly Hills Attack On 70-Year-Old Investigated As Antisemitic Hate Crime – Deadline


A Los Angeles man remained jailed today for allegedly assaulting a man in his 70s in Beverly Hills in what police are calling an antisemitic attack.

The victim and his wife were in the area of North Rexford Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard at about 9 a.m. Saturday when the suspect — who had no relationship with the couple — made antisemitic statements to the victim, according to the Beverly Hills Police Department, whose station is located feet away from the site of the attack.

The man suffered a laceration on his head after being struck with a belt and was treated at the scene by Beverly Hills Fire Department paramedics. Police said he did not require hospitalization.

The suspect fled the scene prior to police arrival, but was later arrested after being spotted by a BHPD senior forensic specialist, according to police.

Jarris Jay Silagi, 44, was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, attempted robbery, hate crime and elder abuse.

He was being held on $100,000 bail, with an initial court date set for Tuesday.

“This despicable act of hate against a member of our community will not be tolerated,” said Beverly Hills Police Department Chief Mark Stainbrook.

Victim Raphy Nissel explained to KTLA that as an Orthodox Jew he does not drive on the Sabbath, which in Judaism is from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.

His wife Rebecca told KTLA the suspect held the belt “in his hand,” hit her husband “over the head, and he yelled, ‘Give me your earrings, Jew.’”

Raphy Nissel said at the start of the attack he didn’t know what the man was hitting him with.

“I didn’t realize what it was, but it was very heavy, very hard and very painful,” he explained. “But I didn’t fall down. I just was perplexed at what was going on.”

According to Raphy Nissel, his assailant most likely noticed his religious garb and targeted him because he’s Jewish.

“I immediately connected the dots together and understand,” he said. “I’m wearing a kippah and a white shirt, which Jews wear on Saturday. He knows I’m Jewish and wants to hit me because I’m Jewish.”

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and California Governor Gavin Newsom each weighed in on the alleged assault.

“The individual responsible for this vile act is in custody and must be held fully accountable to the law,” Bass wrote. “The City of Los Angeles will continue to work with our partners throughout the region to actively combat antisemitism.”

Newsom wrote, “This is appalling. Antisemitism has no place in this state. Alan, our hearts goes out to your family tonight. Glad to hear the person responsible for this is in custody. They must be held to full account.”

City News Service contributed to this report.

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