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ATEEZ’s Yeosang’s moves on livestream gets ‘Sexy Dance’ trending on Korean social media | K-pop Movie News

While the members of the popular K-pop band ATEEZ have been quarantined separately after one of their members, San tested positive for COVID-19 infection last week, the lads have been trying to distract themselves while engaging in fun activities virtually.

Among the numerous things they have resorted to during the lockdown, putting on two band members’ live streams each day to chat with fans has become a staple practice. During these online sessions the K-Pop musicians share candid info about the group’s bond, their friendships with other idols and they also talk about past experiences. All this candour is much appreciated by the fans of course.

The ATEEZ livestreams have also developed a fun twist, where each member of the group has to give the other after them a ‘challenge’ to complete. It could be anything, including writing their name with their butt or doing aegyo (a cute Korean ritual of affection).

After Wooyoung had finished his chance, he challenged Yeosang (the next on the list of live performers) to perform a sensual dance to Justin Timberlake’s hit ‘Sexy Back’. Yeosang, however, didn’t have an option to wriggle out of the challenge. He completed the challenge and didn’t disappoint his fans.

Yeosang’s confidence and sexy moves while dancing sent his fans into a tizzy on Twitter. Though the singer performed without any flaws, it was still adorable to see him overcome his inhibitions before he tried to partake in the challenge and bolt out some slick moves.

It was fun for the ATINYs to see Yeosang express his discontent at his moves. But they weren’t disappointed at all, they’d love his boogieing for sure. As a mark of as approval the fans made the video hit over 200k views, and not just that, the clip also got ‘sexy dance’ to trend for hours on South Korean social media.

Yeosang’s expressions, no-make-up look and a cute birthmark have also been topics of intense discussions after the video.

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