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Apple iCloud vs Google Drive vs Microsoft OneDrive vs Dropbox: Pricing, key features

With smartphone memory capacity — in budget phones — pretty limited, cloud-based subscription services have become vital to store images, documents and more. Apple, Google, Microsoft all offer cloud-based subscription services with unique and similar set of features at different price points. Here we tell you what Apple, Google and Microsoft offer and at what prices:
Apple iCloud
Platform availability: Web, Mac, iOS, and Windows
Free storage: 5GB
Paid storage plans per month:
50GB: Rs 75
200GB: Rs 219
2TB: Rs 749
What users get: It can be easily activated on all your Apple devices. Users can access and store all their data, including calendar, notes, photos, and iWorks documents. iOS devices auto-backup to iCloud. From Mac, desktop users can move files to their iCloud Drive to access on iOS devices. There’s also an option to access iCloud files from the web for those who are on Windows 10 PC or Android.
Google Drive
Platform availability: Web, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows
Free storage: 15GB (includes Google Photos and GMail)
Paid storage plans per month:
500GB: Rs 130
200GB: Rs 210
2TB: Rs 650
What users get: Google Drive comes pre-installed in all Android smartphones and it is also the company’s first-party backup solution for Android devices. Users can backup all the data including contacts, photos, videos, notes, calendar, documents and more. Gmail data is also counted against the available storage space. There’s a dedicated app for Windows and Mac as well. It can also be accessed via web on any divide using a web browser.
Microsoft OneDrive
Platform availability: Windows, Mac, web, Android and iOS
Free storage: 5GB
Paid storage plans per month:
100GB: Rs 140
1TB: Rs 489
6TB: Rs 619
What users get: The biggest benefit of using OneDrive is better file management on Windows PC. The OneDrive comes integrated with Windows and is also available on other platforms as an app or web. The 1TB and 6TB plans also include Office apps like Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint for up to 5 devices. OneDrive also comes with a Personal Vault feature that allows users to securely store their private files and folders.
Platform availability: Windows, web, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS
Free storage: 2GB
Paid storage plans per month:
2TB: Rs 890
What users get: Dropbox offers basic features like file sharing, smart sync, computer backup, file recovery, remote device wipe and more. Users can download the desktop app on Windows, Mac and Linux and the mobile is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. The web version is also available.

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