Amazon Music Unlimited Is Hiking Up Prices For Prime Members – Deadline

Another music streaming service is hiking up their prices and this time it’s Amazon Music Unlimited.

Starting September 18, Prime members can expect to pay for an individual plan $9.99 a month, which used to be $8.99. Being a Prime member only gives them a discount of $1 as non-members pay $10.99 a month for the same service.

Prime members that have the family plan, which allows up to six accounts under the same plan, are also going to start paying $1 extra as it will now set them back $16.99 a month instead of $15.99 a month.

For those members that prefer to pay annually, the individual plan is now $99 a year, a $10 price hike, while the family plan is $169 a year, with a $10 price increase as well.

Amazon Music Unlimited gives users access to 100 million songs on-demand and ad-free.

Other music services that have recently hiked up their prices include Apple Music, which last fall increased their individual plan from $9.99 a month to $10.99 a month, while the family plan increased from $14.99 to $16.99.

This summer, Spotify raised their premium subscription prices with an individual subscription going for $10.99 a month, up from $9.99. Premium Duo was increased by $2 with users now paying $14.99 monthly, while a family plan will set members back $16.99 and Premium Student $5.99, both up a dollar.

Similarly, YouTube Premium also raised its prices last month having users now pay $13.99 a month — a $2 increase. A YouTube Music subscription was raised by $1 with subscribers now paying $10.99 a month.

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